Mary Lambie

Mary Lambie


Mary Lambie and her core partnership group will manage your social media profile, safeguard your reputation and enhance you professionally, using her decades of experience and current expertise across both mainstream and social media.

Media Profile Management. Media Training. Communication Expertise

You are hiring high profile media practitioner Mary Lambie who has over 30 years of corporate and media experience. Mary also remains relevant and active within New Zealand’s media landscape.

Mary Lambie will ensure you look and perform to your best across traditional and social media.

  • Mary will media train you and oversee communications related to you and your business.
  • Mary will promote you and your business with excellent writing ­ speeches, blogs, columns.
  • Mary will prepare you for conferences. Writing your speech and coaching your delivery.
  • Mary will re-write your CV and train you for your next job interview.
  • Mary will show you how to best deliver your next team or board presentation.