Questions To Ask Yourself

How well do I come across in the media?

Could I benefit from media training?

Do I have time to build my own profile, and assess my own career?

Can I adequately manage my own image and reputation?

How important is it to me to bring my talents to a larger stage?

Do I want the social media audience to see me in the best light possible?

Can I keep abreast of what others in my industry are saying, suggesting, thinking, posting?

At Socius, we are committed to ensuring that your public profile is relevant, professional and dynamic.

In consultation with us you decide what level of public profile and reputation you want, be that extroverted or low-key, edgier or more conservative.

We provide regular media training, speechwriting, event assistance and ideas to enhance you. We nurture your public persona across social and traditional media. And we guard. Profile and reputation is enevitable in this new digital world, but the right profile and reputation is essential.