Socius Media is an Auckland based executive media training and media consultancy company.

The director is seasoned broadcaster and journalist Mary Lambie.

Mary has had 30 years experience in broadcast media, hosting her own radio and TV shows and writing for magazines and newspapers.

Mary knows what it takes to be a great media performer and how you can be your absolute, confident best on stage or in internal presentations.

She can coach you confidentially, to enhance the ways you look, and sound, and to deliver key messages expertly.

Mary writes and appears regularly in NZ media (television, radio, magazines), and for the past six years has been coaching executives from some of our biggest corporates.

She knows what it takes to stand out in the media clutter, and to improve confidence and cut-through.

Phone or email to talk to Mary.

Mary Lambie
Email: mary@socius.co.nz
Mobile: +64 274 838 800