Aaron Smith sex scandal erupts again – never on Socius’ watch.

Aaron Smith sex scandal erupts again – never on Socius’ watch.

If we were looking after Aaron this is what we would have advised… For the record Aaron Smith is not a client of ours.

If we were engaged to media manage him out of the mess he found himself last year the first thing we would have said to him is tell the full truth and nothing but the full truth right at the time the media come to know about the Christchurch Airport toilet liaison.

aaron smith sex scandal nz

We would have said to Aaron it might be painful, unnerving, embarrassing and possibly feel unnecessary to reveal all the facts but when it comes to reputation management you have to play the long game.

We would have said to Aaron – if you don’t declare the full story there is a 99.9 percent chance you will eventually be found out and your reputation will be dragged through the mud once more.

Aaron didn’t reveal all the facts and this is why he is embroiled in scandal two.

We would have also said to Aaron that under no circumstances is he to leave any sort of digital footprint regarding the scandal. When you read the attached link you will learn he was texting ‘ the woman’ with suggestions on how to best cover up what actually went on.

That was completely stupid and it will be the thing that buries him.

Aaron – engaging competent, proven media managers in this sort of crisis situation would have been money very well spent.

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