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This from Mary Lambie’s Facebook feed. Media Coverage verdict. TV3 hands down. Duncan Garner Linda Clark Paddy Gower just excellent. Dynamic, intelligent and relevant.

And then came this response…

TV3 2017 Election Media Coverage

Duncan Garner replies to Jane Wrightson… @janewrightson

Hi Jane, I agree it’s not ideal to interrupt, but sometimes you have little or no choice because in the middle of someone else saying something, the EP and Director scream in your earpiece to ‘interrupt’ and get to a location ‘now’, now you do it as gently as possible but it has to happen as something is happening or someone has arrived, it’s part of the rock and roll nature of a 5 hour seat of your pants broadcast.

I did it to Paddy and Lisa and Lisa did it to us. It’s a night where it can happen and does happen and should happen at times. I have no idea why you choose to single out my interruptions. Maybe I made more but that can happen to – it’s live.

I’ve run into a million experts over the years as no doubt you have on this business and I can’t believe how many people are waiting in the wings to do this easy job. And with so much retained political knowledge too. Indeed, last night I was told to interupt more than I did but I couldn’t find a way to do it without stuffing some good flow so I delayed a couple of crosses to keep it smooth. I’m sad that you could only post one comment about our coverage and it was negative.

I thought our team was on the whole, outstanding. My mentor and first boss Linda Clark is the most astonishing journalist and person anyone will meet. Sharp as ever, Linda taught me this game and I spent 7 years learning from her and working with her. I hold her in the highest regard – daylight exists between her and the rest. She taught me three things: work ethic, accuracy and high standards. It’s in my DNA I can’t forget her tutelage.

I was and still remain immensely grateful to her. I consider myself lucky to have had her as my boss, and consider her my friend and someone I can go to for counsel and advice. And I see there are comments here about how good it is to see women on the panel etc. Just for the record I regard Linda, Trish and Lisa as the sharpest minds around.

Whenever the make up of panels and election nights are discussed I always ask if not demand that those 3 are the first three people we choose. My email records prove that. For me it’s not about their gender, they’re just the best, most articulate and brightest with the most knowledge. I just wanted to have my say and I was so pleased 3 also won the crucial 25-54 ratings on the night.

People had a choice and they voted with their remotes. Not everything was perfect, but 5 hours live, Im proud of what we did and achieved and hope our team will focus on the positive things, they did so much right. I’m proud of them all. And grateful for their hard work in the studio, the control room and field. I’m sure you saw that too Jane but I just wanted to give you a fuller picture, because as I’ve learned in broadcasting and politics, not all is as it seems.

In fact it rarely is and usually the opposite. And it’s likely there are many other factors in the background that need an explanation or hidden from public view. To Mary Lambie thanks for your kind words. Decades of hard grafting, day-in, day-out political journalism and knowledge was around the table at 3 last night – that’s what I wanted in our show. And I’m pretty sure we got it. Thanks for watching Jane and appreciate the chance to respond. Kind regards Duncan Garner